Friday, August 17, 2012

Piper and (home)school

Piper started school this week! She amazes me everyday by how much she absorbs from life at such a young age- not just things I teach her but things I don't- which is scary and rewarding at the same time.

I found a "curriculum" via pinterest and added geography and bible to it. It is adaptable for ages 2-4 so if she doesn't totally get it we can just do it over again next year. I feel certain that if I am diligent to actually go through all 26 weeks with her(i'm going to need some encouragement folks) she will be well on her way to learning and growing in knowledge and in the Lord. 

This week we learned about cows(which she already knows a great deal about from living on the farm) the number 1, the letter A, and the shape square. We also learned where Missouri and Oregon are on a map and put Genesis 1:1 to memory.

She was so excited and loved every minute of learning. I think her favorite part though was going to the library to check out books- we haven't been in several months since we moved out so far and are kinda far from one- but she kept asking to go so I obliged. We got every book she wanted (12 books) that she picked out all by herself.

I am excited about this adventure with her and really feel like she benefits from the alone time to teach her while FinleyBoy is sleeping or when daddy's at home.

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  1. Homeschooling is great!!! Praying that some day I can. I have several friends who do it! Check out rod and staff curriculum they have a great preschool program that's inexpensive. Good luck!