Thursday, August 9, 2012


There's a lot on my mind right now, but because I don't care to be personal at the moment I will mention PB2 to you..


In my mind it's a peanut butter substitute for clean eating..the ingredients are simple and I can pronounce them comes in powder form and you add a tablespoon of water to it to make it the consistency of peanut butter..

You can add it to just about anything--smoothies,oatmeal,Greek yogurt, you name it..

There's a chocolate one too with the only added ingredient being cocoa powder...

Dude- the stuff is an awesome sweet tooth quencher at only 45 calories.. I just whipped some up and ate it right off the spoon ☺

You should definitely check it out if you are looking for low sugar options and clean eating..

I got mine at if you click through this link and sign up you will get $10 off your first purchase(and so will I) but guess what? You can turn around and do the same.

Win. Win.

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