Thursday, January 12, 2012

Piper turns 2 (11/10)


We had a good day!

Piper and I woke up beside each other and I said "piper!! It's your birthday!" she said Yay!! And rolled out of bed running to Paul in the kitchen! Paul made us a big birthday breakfast of fresh apple oatmeal, sausage, and eggs! YUM! Piper ate it up! We then sat together and read and then she got a call from cousin carter who sung her Happy Birthday! So sweet!

It was a sweet day just to focus on her and give her some undivided attention.  It's hard on a momma's heart to have to divide my attention between the both of them-


My father, Piper's big daddy was in Haiti repairing wells during this time and made a special call to her from there.  It was so sweet to for him to call her.  


She took a nap so I could clean and cook her some cupcakes!  We had a few close family members over for dinner and  cupcakes.  It was a very special day spent together with those we love.  I'm very thankful for her and the joy she has brought to my life.  My heart is full.

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