Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year Goals

I have made some Goals for the new year, but more for a step forward into life.  We have rented our whole married life, although not long (3 + years) we both have the desire to have a place to call our own and preferably one we've built ourselves.  With that being the end goal, here are our goals.  I feel that with writing them out, I will be better at following through with them.

1. Get out of debt- we have some student loan debt that we would desperately like to get rid of.  We have decided to get VERY aggressive with it this year.  We even talked about just eating beans and rice except when we have company and put all extra towards this debt.  It's amazing how many things we waste money on.

2. Once we are free from debt- we would love to start saving for a small piece of land.  Unfortunately- land is very expensive so we will probably be in this process a long time.
3. Build a house- Paul has written a book on living in shipping containers and I would absolutely love to help him build our home in them.  This would be a very cost effective way to live free from a mortgage and I couldn't be more in love with THAT.  

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