Friday, January 6, 2012

Mommy's Warrior

Finley- means 'fair warrior'
Baby boy how did you get so big so quick? 6 weeks old-Weighing 12 pounds now, my baby boy is growing fast.. Man you think life goes fast- try having kids! Here's what's going on with you-

* You are starting to smile at me ( melt my heart)
*you look so handsome in blue
*that hair is still growing like wildfire- we joked about needing a Barbour when you were born but we may seriously need a cut soon- its growing over your ears!
*you sleep so well only waking up to eat.
*you are so laid back and hardly ever cry(MUCH different from your colicky sister- and i thank you very much)
*you make the sweetest noises when you sleep- but they are loud ! one night you woke me and your dad up out of a dead sleep snoring so loudly!

Every time I lay eyes on you I fall in love more and more! You have completely stolen my heart! Little boy you are more than precious- and I am so excited to see you grow into a handsome warrior. 

I pray with God's help that I can uphold my duty into molding you into just that! I love you Finley James!
May. You. Never. Forget. That.

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