Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vintage Sheet Blanket

 I was burning some time on pinterest and saw this super cute photo of a baby quilt made out of vintage sheets.  I thought to myself Hey-I have alot of those and it looks simple enough that I might could do it once P went down for nap... so...that's exactly what happened...

I found a bunch of sheets that didn't necessarily match -what fun is that- and started cutting.  I had no rhyme or reason as to what exactly I was doing other than that I had a vintage square napkin, cut that into 4 and there was my pattern.  I used that square to cut the rest of the squares (30 total-roughly 4 of each design)
5 squares in width and 6 squares in length.  Finished product came about to be 40" x 48"

 Next I took all the little squares so sewed them together-first across and then down. 
Once I got it all sewn, I laid it onto another sheet and cut backing.  To make it think I used batting and sewed it all together.  I also added some vintage lace I got from my grandma to give the edges a more complete look.  

And done-all before she woke up! I am happy her room has a little more flair and a homemade touch :) 


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE this!!!!! you are so creative and crafty...we need to have a craft day sooooon!! miss you :)

  2. This is beautiful! I want to do it :)) All while she was napping, what a dream!

  3. You are just so crafty... That is adorable! Proud of you :)

  4. That is precious!! You are the cleverest Mom I know :)