Wednesday, August 17, 2011

36 weeks

I haven't done so well documenting this pregnancy-as I guess it happens to most all of us; we get busy and just don't. To be honest-this pregnancy has flown by but came to a screeching halt sometime last week.  It's getting so hard to be pregnant these days and as I'm getting more and more anxious to see my little boy-the days seem as if they're dragging along. 

But I will try to document some of what has been going on with me lately- 

  • Back Pain Galore! Saturday night, I thought I was having back labor and was up most of the night trying to get comfortable enough to sleep-OUCH! It still continues to hurt but I'm managing with frequent visits to the swimming pool.
  • Weight gain so far is- 25.5 pounds.  While I was trying to gain only 25 pounds this whole pregnancy, I'm not completely unhappy with my weight gain thus far. By the end of my pregnancy with Piper I had gained 36 so IF I don't totally mess up these last few weeks I will be under that come delivery this time around.  I have tried a little better this time to eat what I need and not whatever I want-although this sure is a H-O-T summer to be preggo and the vanilla cones and chocolate frosty's are just too tempting ;)
  • I've felt pretty good up until this I get out of breath talking on the phone :( Imagine how I feel-climbing up to my third floor a.p.t with a toddler :/ I try to make a game of it so I don't kill over...
  • I haven't thrown up this entire pregnancy thus far...Praise the Lord.  

Overall-this pregnancy has been much easier than with Piper-not sure why that is-but I'm appreciating his laid back personality already.  Let's all hope this continues outside the womb. 

Mommy can't wait to meet you Finley-I'm scared to death but I know that God has given me everything I need to take care of you..Just a few more weeks baby boy.  Hang Tight!

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