Friday, August 19, 2011

Circus Dress

As I was looking at my fabric the other day to make the quilt; I came across this fabric in my stash...
At first thought I was thinking about just getting rid of it-but then-i thought of pinterest again- and remembered I saw a dress on there that I might could make out of off to the sewing machine I went. 

I cut these- a square and a rectangle-...again I didn't measure..(that's gonna get me in trouble soon I know it) I just placed a dress of P's on top and cut a square around it...

 I then sewed the sides together and hemmed it.  What makes this dress so easy is that the elastic makes the form for the dress.  I added elastic to the top and to the sleeves. 

I felt it was still a little plain when I got done so I added the pocket for detail.  

P loved it and kept putting all sorts of things in the little pocket...
Modeling :)


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