Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Potty training

I can't believe she got it- 

We've been showing Piper the potty since she was about 7 months old- 
yes very young but hey... Did you know that Americans potty train their children WAY after the rest of the world? 

Take a look at this article..That isn't to say that we've been diligently trying since then, just dipping my toes in to get a feel..But I do think that we'd been trying for about 5 weeks now...

You see...I actually started a post titled "Potty Training" on May 31st... and this is as far as I got into the post..

"Potty Training is for the birds...I have pee all over my carpet and I feel very discouraged." 

So...I didn't think this road was/is super easy, although I do hear that girls are easier to train than boys, I wouldn't know at this time.    

But here's what I will tell you...This is what it looked like
for us...

Step 1: Introduce the potty but don't force or get frustrated if they mess up...I did this for several weeks... reminding her that the potty was right there if she decided she wanted to use it. (I just sat the little potty out in the middle of the living room) I also gave her a choice of diaper or panties...she usually chose diaper..

Step 2: When I felt that she was ready to move on, (showing much interest in the potty and also recognizing her body's ability to pee-she would look down while peeing and say "uh-oh" or start running to the potty while peeing {yes mess EVERYWHERE}) we stayed at the house for a few days...butt naked :)

Step 3: Repeat over and over and over and over "Remember if you have to tee-tee use the potty" Clean up mess after mess....(I would let her help me do this) Repeat many, many days...

Step 4: Take her to the store and let her pick out her favorite panties...Piper picked Rapunzel panties :)

Step 5: Praise the heck out of her- WOW-she has not had an accident ALL DAY...how did this happen? It really was just out of nowhere..but I will say this... Step 3 would have gone nowhere fast without these...

one for tee tee two for poop    

Step 6: Venture out into the world diaperless- EEK! This scared me to death...and it doesn't come without accidents... we've had 2 so far on different days...but she's learning to hold it and gets so excited when she goes on the BIG potty in public.  3 skittles for that...

She's still in diapers at nap and night for now...Precious P you are growing up too fast...

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