Monday, August 1, 2011

Hubs 27th-July 29th

It was an ordinary day- which I guess is easy for me to say because it wasn't my birthday.. But it did strike me a little odd when I thought of his age.. 27.. I thought.. How old.. 

I remembered back to highschool- how my dad didn't like me dating older boys..he always gave me this weird look when I would say he's just 2 years older... I know now that that look wasn't much about his age...
And now somehow I'm married and to a 27 year old.. How did I get old enough to be married to a 27 year old.. ???

Time sure does fly(I mean I'm turning a quarter century myself next month)- I realize it more with every breathe..
And birthdays become less and less significant the older you get... But it was a good day if all it did was make me realize how old were all getting and how I shouldn't waste a single second! 

Happy birthday babe-seems so cliche but I truly feel I grow more and more in love with you everyday. Thanks for all you do to keep our family thriving. I appreciate how hard you work for me and P. I admire your drive and enthusiasm in all that you do.. I so enjoy getting to go thru this short life with you. Even if you are an old man :) 

Much love,

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