Thursday, August 11, 2011

21 months

Baby Girl-How did you get to be so old??? I absolutely love this age and probably will continue to say that with every new month! I love that we can have conversations and communicate the way we do.  You certainly have an opinion about things little one; and make that independence known! Your favorite things are "Tales" (Veggie Tales Videos) and cheese..see?

As long as those two things are happening you are one happy girl!  You always ask to read you books or color.  You are doing so well potty training too! You still insist that we sing and hold your hand to fall asleep and you've been asking me lately to dance with you every time you hear the sound of music.  (no matter where we are) Grocery store, doesn't matter.  I love that you don't care what others think yet-i admire that about your little self.   Shoes are still a very hot were so girly from day 1...So crazy that you like what you like with little help from anyone else.  But that pull your hair clips out saying "I don't like it" ???!!!!???? and it's everywhere...ALL THE TIME! Just the way you like it...

This is our last month together just me and you....bittersweet...

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