Saturday, August 6, 2011

Onesie making for my little guy

 I'm getting really excited about him can you tell? ;) I have several ideas brewing that I want to make and do for form of nesting I suppose... 

I took the opportunity to go out for the afternoon to have some alone time since Paul needed to get some work done in quiet here at the a.p.t. and Piper was sleeping.  I went to Tuesday Morning and found these iron ons for just $0.29 a piece! Heck yeah! 

I knew I had a few white onesies at the house that I wanted to do something just like this with so I checked out and headed right home to work before P woke up from nap... Super simple project and I'm very pleased with the outcome... 

Here's how it all went down-

 Materials- white onesie and iron ons (iron and ironing board)
 Cut out your letters
Arrange on onesie
 Use on wool setting and press front then back for about 10-20 seconds each.

Peel plastic off and done...LOVE how it turned out.  I can't wait to make more.   Do you guys have any ideas for cute wording on baby onesies? 
PLEASE SHARE! Thinking of an idea was the hardest part of the project!


  1. Very fun! How about "little bro" or "little fez"? You could make one for Piper to wear when she meets the little guy! :) -Annette

  2. Ummmm, that is so stinking cute.