Monday, October 18, 2010

Making Monday- Tulle Tutu Tutorial

Gather materials
around 3 yds Tulle
around 1 foot Elastic
around 2 feet Ribbon

Ok go:
Step 1: measure wearers waist with elastic.. Just wrap it around wearer.
(for Piper(11 months) it was 12 inches long) and cut

Step 2: cut 2 12 inch pieces of ribbon and sew to each end of the elastic

(lay aside)

Step 3: now take your tulle and cut 6 in wide and 18 in long strips

Note: ( you will want to measure how long you want it to be.)
For Piper, 18 inches long hits slightly above her knee.

Step 4: once all tulle is cut into strips, begin tying onto elastic, about 4 strips at a time

Like this:

It took me about  18 loops around it to make it to the end.

Piece of cake you're done!

Tie on.. Instant cuteness!

(P walking to Paul)

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