Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mimicking Me

When I was younger (and still a small part of me now-actually) I didn't like to be mimicked.  It actually would make me flaming mad...I like to do my own thing..I mean who doesn't.  Whether it was phrases I used or things I wore, I just wanted to be me, and no one else. 

Well...funny how the Lord teaches you and grows you....

Enter Piper...

cute, eh?

She watches closely and observes every little thing and instead of mad..

A soul is watching me and doing what I do...

Piper's reaction to me singing and sticking out my tongue:

it's cute now, but what about those times when I am not acting out of love, get easily angered, disrespect my husband, yell and scream, dress immodestly, am lazy......she's mimicking those too...

She is my biggest testimony to others...How do you fare?

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