Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sneezing up a storm

Why do people sneeze?

I've been feeling extra Sneezy lately as I do most of the Spring and Summer, but I can't pop my pills to help now like I've done in the past.

I've heard that Zyrtek was "safe" is that true?
I still don't want to take any meds until the first trimester is over though.
(which is just around the corner, might I add!!

Anyway, I did some research and this is what I found on why people sneeze...

Your nose is the air filter for your body. Almost all the tiny bits of dust and dirt we breath in through our nose are filtered out so the air is clean going into our lungs. The tiny particles are either stopped by the hairs in our nostrils or get stuck in the mucus in our nasal passages. When the lining of our nose gets irritated by these particles, we feel a tickle in our nose, triggering a sneeze. During a normal sneeze, we take in a big breath, then expel the air very forcefully out through our nose and mouth.

It can also be because our body purges the foreign dust that interferes our noses. the force of air going through our nose picks up the mucus with the irritating particles in our nasal passages and blows it out of our nose as tiny droplets. this blows out what was irritating our nose.

Kinda gross, but what that tells me is I need some air purifiers!!

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