Sunday, May 3, 2009

belly pictures!!

9 weeks.

10 weeks.

11 weeks

12 weeks.

At 12 weeks now, Im feeling alot better. Almost the second trimester! I can't believe it! Risk of miscarriage greatly reduces after this point so pray for a healthy baby and that he/she is developing okay.

I don't sleep very well at ALL! I wake up every two hours and have to either pee or drink water. I was told that extreme thirst could mean gestational diabetes, so please keep me and baby in your prayers for that too. I haven't researched it yet though, so don't have any medical proof that this is true.

I THINK I'm about over the morning sickness~ PRAISE THE LORD!

What baby's doing at this week:

He or she has the ability to swallow and absorb and discharge fluids.
Hands, now complete, are growing fingernails.
Tooth buds are appearing.
Baby's face now has a distinctly human appearance.

Fingernails? Really Su-Chin?

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  1. ooooh! i LOVE your belly pictures! must start showing the actual belly and NO wearing black. thats just unfair. haha i am keeping you and baby purser in my prayers everynight. i love you darlin!