Tuesday, April 28, 2009

picture difficulties

I know, i know. I promised belly pictures. But, I came to Strangebrew today fully intended to put one on here and the card reader i have doesn't fit Paul's memory card... it was only my 10 week anyway, but ill put a 10, 11, 12 up on Friday and we can compare how much i've grown. im certainly feeling bigger, even if no one else can tell quite yet.

Finals are this week and i feel like i have a million things to do before this week ends. I also mentioned before that I started working again, so that's been a little stressful this week, just because I've been so busy with school and trying to finish classes on top.

I'm walking on Saturday! and my parents are having a graduation party to celebrate. I've never wanted to be more done with anything in my life!

I know this is sort of a boring post, but I have lots in store, just you wait...

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