Monday, April 13, 2009

new blog post, can you believe it?

I know, I've been TOTALLY slacking on the postings.
Truth is, we don't have internet connection at our house, so the times when im at a computer for an amount of time that i can post is rather rare. BUT take heart! Im about to start working at Strange Brew again, so ill have easy access at my fingertips!

yeah, im starting the brew again...
I asked Paul if i could work for the summer so we could have a little extra cushion for next year. As some of you know, we'll be in a tough situation, we'll totally have to trust the Lord for.
Paul will be in 5th year architecture school and ill be at home with a baby...equals no pay check. We have faith that the Lord will provide, as he's already provided in so many ways.

Way #1, a place to live rent free

Way#2, friends in Jackson that are Christ-minded and encourages us in the Word.

Way #3, numerous friends and family saying if you have a boy, "you're covered. i've got clothes, toys, strollers, car seats, etc."
another saying: "if you have a girl, you're covered."

PRAISE HIM! i know that trusting him fully for the next year will grow us in an immeasurable way, and frankly: IM EXCITED!

i have my first appointment on Thursday, April 23rd. Please pray for us this day as we will be making some serious decisions for our family. (will explain fully after we have our appt.)

**disclaimer: please look over the typos, uncapitalized lettering, etc. it's very late. im just doing good to get a post out at all!!

love to all! goodnight!

oh yeah! and ill be starting belly pictures at 10 weeks, that's next week!


  1. oooh i can't wait for belly pictures!!! this is going to be so exciting! i dont care about typos i just want content. i love you bunches.

  2. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a new title! Keep them coming!