Thursday, July 21, 2011

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Tuesday was our third wedding anniversary! So exciting to celebrate 3 years with each other.  The day was somewhat low key because Paul wasn't feeling well so we just stayed around the house and hung out.   We sat on the couch and talked about the last year-what all has happened-and how our lives are so different from this time last year.  (We had recently moved out of Jay and Jessica's house and had a 7 month old crawling around) 
We now have been in our little a.p.t. over a year (the longest i've lived ANYWHERE since moving out of my parents house at 18) and have a bright shining 20 month old who walks and speaks her mind.  Also-very preggo with Mr. Finley James who we expect to be here in the next 8 weeks! (eek!)

Anyway-we have kinda been celebrating all week since our 'day' was somewhat compromised by sickness.  

Last night the fam went blueberry picking at a nearby organic blueberry farm-so much fun!  

unfortunately-this little girl ate more than she contributed to the bucket!
When we got home Paul surprised me with an anniversary gift- a leather bracelet he made! The third anniversary is the 'leather' anniversary according to this list.

Then-this morning he woke me up with another surprise! My wedding band! (it has been missing for about 2 months) We had gone garage sale shopping one Saturday morning and I thought I lost it while digging thru some stuff that day. :/ Both rings were missing...and I looked EVERYWHERE once i realized they were no longer on my finger.  I couldn't for the life of me remember where and if I had even taken them off...Later that day after backtracking everywhere we went I spotted my engagement ring laying on the floor under the table...I was so happy to find it-but my band was nowhere....I continued to look the next week, searching the house up and down..and it was nowhere to be found...I eventually gave up and started looking online for replacements, but devastated i lost the orginal.. well today Paul found it wedged into the couch! (yes I had already looked there!) A certain little one must have picked it up! I'm so happy it's found!

This was a great wedding week!

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  1. Congratulations! 3 yrs. already - time flies! Just wanted to say "hi" and "love y'all" and LOVE THE lil blue jeans! Toooooo cute! (Glad you found your ring, too!)