Thursday, November 4, 2010

A little from my perspective: Cloth Diapering

My Stash:
* 4 Bum Genius Flip System Covers
-12 Stay-Dry inserts

* 5 Bum Genius Econobum Covers
-25 Prefold inserts

* 3 Bum Genius Organic Snap All-in-ones

* 2 Bum Genius Velco All-in-ones

A day of cloth diapering my *almost* (eeek) one year old

I get her up and change her diaper.  Usually I put a flip on her if were going out or an econobum if were staying around the house.  (Econobums are great but SUPER BULKY)
(with the night diaper*which is usually just wet* I take it to the bathroom and spray it out with our diaper sprayer and then place in wet pail-which is nothing more than a small plastic trash can with 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water

I wash all diapers out wet or dirty because pee tends to smell something like ammonia if it sits awhile; because all of the water evaporates (that's what they say anyway) and poo..well that's obvious.

I continue this routine throughout the day when needed. 
When bed time rolls around I put her in an organic all in one or velco all in one.  I like to use these at night because they are multi layered and almost never leak.  

Note:  Sometimes when using the flips, poo will get on the cover or pee will leak through if it's super soaked.  I usually will hand wash these in the sink with a little baby shampoo and hang to dry over the towel rack.  This helps with unnecessary washes and we always have a cover this way(because we have more inserts than covers) 

I wash roughly every 3rd day.

My wash routine:

I dump the pail into the washing machine and wash on Cold without detergent.
I then do a second wash with Rockin' Green detergent on Hot
* I line dry the covers and put the inserts in the dryer.

Some reasons I chose the cloth diapers I have:
*I love the convenience of the flips- I've been away on trips and never stopped using cloth. The Flip System allows the option to buy disposable inserts and use the covers as normal.
*They can be washed out if necessary and the cover dries quickly.
*They are easy enough for my husband to use, he likes just replacing the insert, snapping up and we're on our way again.  It's important to have a husband who enjoys cloth as much as you do.  Because after all, they are still diapers, and smelly situations do happen that you don't always want to clean up all by yourself.  :)
*The price- this was honestly the first attraction to them. When people think cloth, they immediately think this option is cheaper, which isn't always the truth.  If you get the latest and greatest you can really spend alot out of pocket.  Also, when you first get into it, it's tempting to want to buy and try EVERY one out there. I would suggest reading reviews and picking your top 3 to try.  When I was doing my research, BumGenius brand was the most trusted so that's what I went with.  If I had to do it over again, I would probably still buy the flips because of their versatility. Although, there are other diapers out there that have some great features,  
(Such as the Fuzzibunz, that have adjustable leg elastic)  These worked for us and were in our price range.

Total out of pocket for the Flips and Econobums were $200.00
We got the Organic All-in-ones for Christmas a month later.  (Around $75 for 3)
The 2 Velco All-in-ones I recieved as a baby shower gift (Around $35 for 2)

And this will last us Birth thru potty training.  And again and again when we have other children, Lord willing.

*After one year, My cloth diapers are still in great shape 9.5/10
The velcro ones do tend to wear, which is why I picked most with snaps, but I love the snug fit with the velcro(especially at first) They are a 8.5/10.

Some sites I recommend when buying cloth:
Kelly's Closet
Cotton Babies

*Also don't underestimate looking on Craigslist or similar sites for used cloth diapers.  I know some people who have bought gently used and they've been great.  (not to mention great prices)

If you have any questions you'd like to ask about cloth diapering, please leave it in the comments! I'd love to share what I know thus far.



  1. Rach! Thanks so much for doing this post! Like I said, mom bought us 6 bumgenius covers, 24 inserts (she got more! ha), and three homemade AIOs. I've been researching detergents and most people say oxygenated bleach is ok as well as 20 mule borax. Both are natural. I'm a little hesitant to now use something specifically designed for cloth diapers. Julip is actually in her very first cloth diaper RIGHT now! :)

  2. thanks girl! i have a couple questions:

    1. do you ever double up your inserts? how well does it work for you? really bulky?
    2. when she was a newborn and infant, did the one size fits all fit well?
    3. was everyone on board when you wanted to do cloth diapers? my mom threw a fit about it and refused to help pay for any. we couldn't afford the initial cost when clark was born, so we couldn't do it alone. fortunately, we can afford a little now. i figure i'll just buy a little at a time. but if we're visiting my parents, i know i'll get an earful on how big a "pain in the butt" it is. (even though it's not, she is! ha) ~jess melvin

  3. oh yeah, and the you just use a generic size or the ones they make in specific sizes?

  4. jessica-

    the only times i've doubled them is in the bumgenius velcro. it came with 2 for that purpose. one is normal size and the other was a little thinner and they called it a 'newborn soaker'

    the prefolds i have are pretty thick. and i fold it in thirds. so that makes it already pretty bulky.

    i have the snap ones so you can snap down to the smallest size. she is in the second size now as a petite one year old.
    they were a little big though when she was so little.

    i had a few comments here and there but once they SAW what i was talking about they all said "oh! it's like a normal diaper, you just dont throw it away!"
    i guess they thought i was talking about safety pinning the thing on...cloth has come a long way since the time when our parents and grandparents remember them..haha

    the ones at walmart at THIN and not helpful. i use the econobum prefolds but you can buy similar ones here:

    and on that website you can pick the size you want. the good thing is they arent expensive.

  5. Rachel, new question: What do y'all do at night for diapering?