Saturday, June 6, 2009

weeks 15, 16, and 17 the progression or lack thereof

My belly seems to have gone down in size. This may be due to the loss of all that bloat. I've been slacking on posting because I had this weird scare of "maybe the baby isnt there anyone, my stomach sure does hurt in the morning, did i squish the baby???"

But the midwife assured me at our recent June appt. that there is indeed a baby inside!
...more to come about the appt. later.

Week 15

By this week, I was feeling GREAT! no more morning sickness in the least, but no food really seemed appetizing either. I pushed through and ate as much as I could...

What Baby Purser was doing:
-crown to rump length is 4-4.5 inches
-weight around 1 3/4 ounces
- baby may be sucking a thumb!
-bones have formed and are getting harder

Sorry I don't have a belly picture for this week, but here is a picture from that week:

Week 16

We had such a busy weekend this week. Our friends Justin and Ashley got married(again) and we were both in the wedding. It was so much fun! I was a little concerned that my dress wasn't going to fit and I didn't know for sure until the DAY OF THE WEDDING! but everything ended up working out great! My size 6 dress ended up fitted my 4 month pregnant body just fine(after a little snip and place somewhere else alteration).

Baby Purser this week:
-A Growth spurt is coming! In the next few weeks, baby will double in weight and add inches to length.
-4 1/2 inches long (head to rump)
-3 1/2 ounces in weight.
-Legs are much more developed, head is more erect than it has been
-Eyes have moved closer to the front of the head
-Ears are close to their final position, too.
The patterning of the scalp has begun
-Started growing toenails.
-Heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day

What progress! Here's some not so good pictures of Week 16. My mom had a good belly shot, but those are on her camera. I need to get those Mom!!
Like I said, the picture of the belly isn't that good, but since I didn't give one for last week, I thought I'd at least give you SOMETHING!

My sweet Paw Paw and me after a long couple days of wedding...

and there it is...I'm a royal blue whale...


How Big is the Baby at 17 Weeks Pregnant?
Your baby is anywhere from 4.4 to 4.8 inches by pregnancy week 17 and weighs almost 3 ½ ounces! If you were to hold your baby at 17 weeks pregnant, she would fit snuggly in the palm of your hand. Your baby is about the size of a small pomegranate by pregnancy 17 weeks.

Your Baby's Growth and Development
Your baby during week 17 is now very mobile, gleefully moving his joints here, there and everywhere and will continue to do so as you continue your pregnancy week by week. The cartilage making up the skeleton in your baby's body is starting to transform into bone. At pregnancy 17 weeks time your baby should be hearing things. Your baby will start putting on some layers of fat in the weeks to come, though at this point in time your baby is made up of primarily water.

You may be feeling your baby move intermittently after pregnancy week 17, though as your pregnancy progresses you will likely start feeling your baby move more and more.

There are many natural health practitioners that believe in the power of touch. Though your little one is still very small, your touch may do much to help him feel safe and warm inside the womb. If you haven't started already, you might consider rubbing your 'pooch' in calming circular motions. This will not only help comfort your little one, but will help initiate the bonding process with you and your newborn baby throughout your pregnancy and after.

Other women find comfort when playing music to their unborn children. There is evidence suggesting that your baby responds to music even while in the womb. Thus, there is no harm in playing some calm and engaging music to your baby even while they are in the womb.

This was the news and advice from women's health this week..

How am I feeling this week?
and I've eaten so much of it!
I've been swimming alot in my new maternity bathing suit! (which i love, and might keep on wearing even after pregnancy) Paul says it looks like a nightie. (which it is very comfortable like a nightie)
I've also eaten alot of turkey sandwiches...omg..there are so good..and I toast it on the George....YUM!!!
I'm still not sleeping very well AT ALL! Does anyone have any advice??? I wake up almost every morning with my stomach hurting and also laying on my back.. Frustrating!
Please help if you know any solutions to a good nights sleep! And also not rolling on my back solutions..

picture of the belly, and this time it's the ACTUAL belly..(but no head)

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  1. I bought a pillow at babies r us. It is kind of spiral shaped. You can tuck one end in between your legs as you lay on you side and the other end wraps behind your back and underneath your head. When you get bigger you can use it to help prop up your belly.

    You look great!

    love, jz