Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finley Boy (10 months)

Something else happened last thursday(other than our anniversary)...Finley Boy turned 10 months old. 

Here's a post for you little buddy...

Sweet Boy- you are growing like a weed.  Up until now you have been the easiest baby....Now you are very mobile and very the cabinets-in the shower-in the closets- (in the toliet--yuk) under the couch-you climb into tiny spaces and scream because you cant get out... you are exploring like crazy and keeping momma on her toes!

You LOVE your big sister- especially pulling her hair and wrestling her.. you always want to be right where she is..and you always smile at her first when we go and wake you up from your nap...

you can sign please, all done, and milk. which is very helpful when im trying to figure out why you're screaming..if you say "Finley-kiss" he'll slam his face on top of yours..

some things you love- to eat! (tomatoes, noodles, veggie sticks) to put things in your mouth(well everything) to snuggle with momma and to splash in the water..

some words i use to describe you- mostly Ham others are curious, determined, persistent, happy, cute.

i love you sweet boy you have brought so much joy to my life- you keep me moving and you keep me laughing..

there's not a day that goes by that I don't whisper in your ear-"Thank you, Jesus"

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