Friday, April 15, 2011

A letter to P

Baby girl you are more than words can express..

I so enjoy getting to spend so much time with you! You melt my heart and make my job easy by being so sweet.. You love foot rubs and hand holding.. You alway make me steal my kisses from you! You love to be close to people and have a need to feel loved by everyone u come into contact with. I love our communication and you are getting so much better at speaking.. When I tell you "g'nite I love you," your response back is always "night night" 

Tonight as I was putting u to sleep and praying for you I started crying because I realized what a blessing you are in my life. I was silent and buried my head so u wouldn't see me.. You knew though.. You so gently started rubbing my head comforting me.. You truly are such a blessing to me little girl.. I wish I took the time to realize it more. 

You have another side too... ;) you are easily angered and get so frustrated by small things.. You get it honestly though. I know you've seen your momma act the same exact way. I pray that I can be an example to you that mimics Christ and his behavior.. I prayed for patience and endurance in this race of parenthood. I pray that I can be a momma that listens to you and truly invests time into u instead of worrying about my own agenda. I'm a wife a mother a homemaker and that is my sole calling in life.. I pray that I dont take This role lightly. 

You are asleep now little girl.. Thank you for giving me these most precious 17 months. I truly am blessed to be your momma! 

G'nite P.

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