Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easy-Peazy Cloth Wipe Solution

I've been using cloth diapers since the day P was born, but bought wipes on occasion when they were on sale.  (other wise i just used warm wet wash clothes) but then i started asking myself, "is she really getting clean?" so i decided to give it a try and i've been wondering why i havent been doing this the whole time.  It takes me only a second to whip up and I make a weeks worth at a time. 

Here's the recipe:

-Drop of tea tree oil
-Drop of peppermint oil
-Drop of baby wash
-2 cups warm water

I stack about 10-15 wipes at a time and add more until there is no liquid left. (usually a week)
I have a plastic rubbermaid container i put them in and date the top on when i made them. 
and there you have it! super awesome smelling peppermint cloth wipe solution (tea tree oil smells awful but it acts as an antibacterial agent)

go ahead! try it out if you already cloth diaper....

and if not, what are some of your hold backs with not making the switch?


  1. Wait, so you have the cloth wipes in the container with the liquid?

    Family has stocked us up pretty well on the wipes. BUT when we run out, we use a spray bottle of a similar homemade solution and I just spray a cloth and wipe! :)

    Do y'all eat organically too? Have you been eliminating plastic from your home? I feel like we are on the same page on so many things! :)

  2. When my first was in cloth, I used a similar solution with Dr. Bronner's unscented soap instead of baby soap and often used chamomile eo in the mix too. I also added a tiny bit of apricot or almond oil for a little moisture.

    When we added number 2 in the mix, we also moved and the boys' bathroom was large enough that I could put the changing pad on the counter and store the cloth wipes in the drawer just below. I keep a (recycled) foaming soap pump bottle full of wipes solution (no oil) by the sink and just pump some on the wipe that I just wet in the sink. I like my current set up a lot! :)