Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mustache Mania-DIY

Mustaches fake, anyway have made a big comeback! Why? Well I'm not exactly sure, but it does make me laugh when an unexpected mustache sneaks in and surprises you!

Like this:
photo stolen off of facebook :/ sorry Anna :)

Anyway...with this awesome inspiration I decided to make little unexpected mustache shirts for my nephews..

Take a plain shirt like this one, (target for around $5 bucks)

-and rip the seam on one sleeve 3/4 of the way up.

- use a template similar to these and cut some fabric + felt out in that shape.
(i used felt backing to make the applique a little stiffer for sewing on)

- turn your sewing machine to a low setting 0 or 1 to form a tight stitch.

-sew all around the image on the sleeve of the shirt

-turn inside out and sew sleeve seam (if you have a serger, use it in this step!)

-walla! mustache shirt! i dont have a good picture of the shirt because of slight frustration and time restraints but here's a look like the one i was going for.
and here's a little peek at the actually shirt

- i also made a little mustache knitted hat for Piper's favorite second cousin!
sorry no picture of that either :(
image sources:

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