Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY baby legs!

Do you have an old sweater?
Up-cycle that old thing!

Materials needed:
-An old sweater
- a paper towel
-a sewing machine or needle and thread for stitching

Even if you cant sew you can for sure do this~ Quick15 min or less project!

Step 1:
Place the paper towel on the backside of the sweater and cut around it, using it as a pattern.

Step 2:
Fold in half and cut. These are your two pieces

Step 3:
Fold in half again right sides together and use a sewing machine or hand stitch a straight line to close the open side.

Step 4:
Turn right side out and there you have it~ Put them on a special little one in your life and snuggle! 

Size for pattern fits 0-12 months, for bigger sizes adjust accordingly.

Tip:  The bolder the sweater, the cuter the baby legs! Look for bold choices that can be found at any thrift store!

Also this will make a great and practical gift idea for the little ones in your life.  Make a few pair!