Monday, December 14, 2009

busy, busy

A baby is alot of work.. Praise the Lord he has been sustaining me through the nights so that I can care for little Piper. She is quite the blessing.

Paul is finished with school for the semester and will be home until mid-January. He's been a great help since he's been out of school. He has such a special love for her, it's so amazing that I get to see it played out everyday.

Our little girl is
one month old already-i can't even fathom that...

what she's been doing lately--

she loves
tummy time

her eyes now

kicks and kicks and kicks (much like inside the womb)

if she could get her arms going, im pretty sure she'd be crawling

stengthing her muscles by
holding her head up for moments at a time

making sounds-grunts

her smiles make my heart melt

here's a minute of Piper--

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