Tuesday, September 29, 2009

33 weeks and growing..

33 weeks!

How's Piper:
The big news this week is lung development—baby's respiratory system is almost completely mature. That means if Piper was born this week, odds are she'd be a healthy bouncing baby with a just a little help from her friends (aka, the NICU). Some of the specifics are:

Piper can now detect light and tell the difference between night and day (of course that ability will miraculously disappear once she's born and up all night screaming). Her pupils will constrict and dilate in response to light.

The bones in Piper's skull are soft and are not yet fused together. This pliability allows the bones to overlap; making that trip down the tight birth canal possible (and resulting in that surprising cone head look she will sport for the first few days post-birth)

Piper will continue to pack on the pounds gaining around ½ pound a week from here on out.

She weighs about 4½ pounds and is approximately 17.5 inches long.

How's Momma:
+ I'm not getting sleep, but I definitely feel like the Lord is sustaining me throughout the day. I like to get a nap when I can, but if I can't I still have been able to function...ask me again in a few weeks...this might change...
+ I haven't checked on my weight gain since the last visit, but I feel a little lighter...I feel like she's finally moved down a little, but I still have trouble breathing so I'm not totally sure.
+ I pee ALOT..
+ I'm really liking cold and sour things...Lemons..YUM...and I'm NOT liking meat..(reverting back to my old ways perhaps)
+ Still a constant back pain, but then again, I haven't been doing my exercises either
+ I'm REALLY excited...


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