Thursday, August 20, 2009

longest post ever

Please forgive my lack of like is busy busy-

Here's what we've been doing for the past several weeks...

On July 25th our friends Austin and Lauren got married-

us at the wedding..I look tired...24 weeks pregnant here..

me and the bride..and Paul

my best friend.

kelly emily racheal and me at the wedding reception at AJ's on the fun!

July 31st-August 2 we went to Baton Rouge for the weekend to see my parents. My sister and soon to be cousin-in-law Sarah also did the Rocket Chix Triathlon in Baton Rouge that weekend.

Paul and my brother-in-law Brooks tearing down an old gazebo in my parents backyard. Boards were flying everywhere so they put on helmets..

My dear husband Paul celebrated his 25th Birthday on July 29th...Me, Paul, and a few friends went down to the Okatoma River to canoe for the day for his birthday. Unfortunately, I have no pictures...I didn't bring my camera for fear of getting wet but we had a great time. I am so honored to be able to share my life with this man...we celebrated a few days later at my parents house with a HAMBURGER CAKE! it was chocolate and very yummy!

August 6th-9th We went on vacation with the whole Purser clan! We stayed in Pass Christian at a beach house, and although I never got to the beach (due to it being the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the water being contaminated..eww) I had a wonderful time!!
Here's some pictures-

main living room in the house

Our bed in the Writer's Cottage (a separate little house with bedroom and bath)


Georgia Greer

Paul taking a break from playing with his nephews

26 weeks here...

On August 10th-my dear grandfather passed away at the age of 87. We were in Starkville last week for the funeral. It was a good time to see family and to comfort and be comforted. He had been suffering for a long time. The Fesmire's came and supported the Wilson side of the family. Thanks to all who made the trip, It meant so much to us. Ya'll are a special family. One of the coolest things though, was that the gospel was shared at the funeral..I pray that the people who attended were receptive to the message shared. I was encouraged that week by a verse in Eccesiasties that says: It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, because that is the end of every man, and the living take it to heart. (7:2)
It was a reminder that life is fleeting and that we should be sharing the gospel with everyone we meet. Everyone is going somewhere...

This was after the funeral at my grandparents house
Between 26-27 weeks pregnant

On Monday, Paul started his 5th year of architecture school! Please be praying for him for strength. With Piper coming and him working on his thesis, pray that the Lord will provide strength to sustain him. He works so hard!

Tomorrow I'll be 28 weeks pregnant! woo hoo Third Trimester!
Piper is
growing! Measuring 14.8 inches long, she weighs 2 1/4 lbs. She will continue to gain body fat in the coming weeks to prepare her for life outside of your womb.
Her eyes continue to develop this week and her brain is developing millions of neurons. The hair on her head continues to grow. Muscle tone in her body steadily develops, and even though her lungs are now capable of breathing air, it would be difficult for her if she were born now.

I'm feeling very heavy. My back hurts almost unbearably! And sleeping is no fun at all..when I get sleep..But I would endure anything for this little blessing.

Some things I'm craving:
-Cold little things (fruit cut up into bite size pieces, grapes, ice)
-Apple juice!
-peanut M&M's!!

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  1. rachel, the pictures of you are beautiful! you are a glowing aura of pure radiance. the picture of paul holding your belly is a precious treasure. i love how you are being so strong throughout this experience. i look up to you and i'm so glad we are family. love you sweets. :)