Wednesday, July 22, 2009

23 weeks

the weeks are flying by! i can hardly keep up~

we've been in the middle of packing and moving for about two weeks now. we started the week of july 13-16 packing, moved on the 17th

(our house in the middle of packing, the dogs were the only ones sleeping this week)

ran to a sonogram(thought we were gonna go in the moving truck) we didn't but were still a little late...

(sorry these are bad images, i dont have a scanner on hand...)

had our envelope with the gender in it, went to dinner at Petra , couldn't wait to open it!

went back home-(on Friday nights the people that live all around our new living quarters get together and fellowship together and just share what's happening in their life, we were a little late but when we got there we told everyone the sex and prayed for my sweet little girl! it was so sweet!

then headed to bed around 10:30 pm. we were absolutely worn out!! july 18-got up REALLY early and unpacked the truck since it had to go back by 8:30 AM!

Sunday July 19th was our First anniversay and we had a blast enjoying one another and talking about all the changes one year made.

we went to lunch at SHAHERAZAD'S the place where we met!!

then ate the top of our cake...the 7 layers of wrapping...

the top of our doesn't look as good as it a year ago, but it was suprisingly so good! (Paul had two pieces...)

and here we are this week, our sweet friends Kevin and Missy are allowing us to stay at their place for the week while they went to Colorado, and we've been going back and forth trying to get some loose ends tied up before we leave forever.

im a little sad, because this will be the first time i've ever lived somewhere else than my best friend in 9 years! but Starkville was good to us and we are sure to come back and visit very soon! Football starts Sept 5th! and Lord willing i'll make it to most of the games! But, Piper is due on the Alabama game so i doubt we'll be making it to that one!

anyway...what had Piper been up to this week?

She's a whopping 1 pound (or almost at least!).
That is quite an accomplishment for someone that used to weigh less than one ounce. Piper, at 23 weeks is now the size of a small baby doll you might purchase for a little girl. That's pretty impressive considering she could fit in the palm of my hand just a few short weeks ago.
She's also between 8 and 11 inches long.
Her skin is still quite red and heavily wrinkled.
She can often hear loud noises in the womb.
The bones located in her middle ear are starting to form and is continuing to fill out and look more and more proportional.

What about me?

well..I had my first BRAXTON HICKS! it scared me a little, but I called my midwife and she just got on to me for not drinking enough water...dang...I had been outside most of the day...but i was in the shade...i was probably sweating and not realizing it, all the while I still can't achieve enough water consumption...

i'm having ALOT of back pain but it's in the MIDDLE of my back and not the could be bad posture as i'm gradually beginning to lean forward as my belly grows...

I'm feeling her kick SO much! I love feeling her, it tells me she's doing just fine. I have to constantly remember that whatever happens that the Lord works all things together for the good for those that LOVE him and are the CALLED according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28) Also, that He is continuing to form her inward parts and cover her in my womb (Psalm 139:13)

THAT I can rest in!!


  1. I love you baby, and the child our Lord has blessed us with! Baby Piper's getting so big; it's amazing!

  2. That was a GREAT update! Love you guys so much!!!

  3. stop making me CRY!!!! :) i love you both! thanks for the update.

  4. What a miracle-I loved seeing the sonogram pics of Piper! Thanks! And...I may have bought her a bunch of clothes the other day...okay, I did. But I just love her already and I also love saying her name!! Piper, Piper, Piper, Piper!
    Love you all(3),