Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have just now had the time to sit down at a computer and check e-mail and such. (aka blog) We have been steadily moving and still have more stuff to get over at Paul's.
Since August 1 we have moved into a new apt, had a garage sale, taken 4 truck loads to the Palmer Home (which i have to go to today because i accidentally gave away our trash can and must go buy it back) and have thrown away a HUGE amount of stuff (junk)

Paul's words: if you want to down size your stuff, move into a small apartment.

ha. because there is no room for anything!! (not complaining, just stating)

Paul has taken the door frame off of one door so we can slide the washing machine out and use the storage space behind there. (will be explained through pictures later)

pics to come of the new apt. i just have to get everything in order first. will be after we go to Jackson this weekend because we need some things from target and linen's n things still.

love to all! hope all is well!

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  1. Yay! Your own home! How does it feel? I love having a good clean out to get rid of junk! Makes everything feel so much more organized! Are you enjoying married life? Judd and I will have our 1 year anniversary this year and I'm so excited! Love the new page look, btw! :)