Tuesday, July 29, 2008

okay first comes first!!!

okay first comes first!!!

my story i wanted to tell...but couldn't find my camera cord...

my story...

my phone cord...

all that's left of it..

the culprit...

i couldn't even get mad..
i mean look at that face...


  1. hurry up and tell it already!

    and tell about the honeymoon. get with it, woman!

  2. Hi Rachel! here is Sabrina! How are you these days? it must be fantastic,right?
    I am sooooo sorry for not giving you my best wishes to you & Paul in time.I tried to send you email, but the msustate.edu emailbox failed to receive it, and I lost your phonenumber~
    How about your wedding and honeymoon?~~I am looking forward to watching videos and photos!