Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the honeymoon

we spent our honeymoon in Vancouver, Canada!

our week in British Columbia:

on the plane. we were given free wine because they noticed the hats! we even got to keep the cute little united airlines wine glasses.
they announced over the intercom: "rachel and paul are sitting in 11A and 11B, they are on their honeymoon, so go by and congratulate them." haha

in chicago waiting on our flight to Vancouver.
we wanted stir-fry. so what if it was 7:30 in the morning...

our sunset kayaking tour. this is paul with the tour guide , tom.
we stopped on a beach to drink some wine and eat some cheese.

us in our kayaks.

me, pulling up the rear.

The Olympics are in Vancouver in 2010. this is the countdown sign.

us all dressed up for the play... we saw:

we loved it and sang the songs for days.
(kind of annoying)

Vancouver at night

in the room

at lynn valley park

hanging out on kits beach. then we got hungry so we ate here:

this is yugi's sushi bar. soo delectable!

eating at our favorite restaurant. we ate here twice in one week!

leaving the bed and breakfast to head home...

this is what we came home to....the room was/still is a mess

we had a great time!!

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